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How to Start Your Journey to a Healthier You


How to Start Your Journey to a Healthier You

Having a good reason to start the journey to a healthier you will keep you motivated and committed despite any challenges you may be facing. Keep reading for more information on how you can work on a successful weight management plan and learn about our weight management programme in Bebington & Wirral.

weight management programme Bebington & Wirral

Start small

Staying healthy is difficult, but if you start small, you’ll get on track before you even realise it. The only part you’ll be required to change is your habits, and the way you look and feel will automatically change. You’ll only witness true transformation the moment you focus on action as opposed to the final result.

You can begin with minor changes in exercise habits and diet. This may be eating better or including a few squats and planks into your daily routine. It is crucial that you put focus on the little things first before you start looking at making more radical changes in yourself. Pushing harder from the word go will only make it even more difficult to stay on track.

Manage your weight with a weight management programme  in Bebington & Wirral

Managing your weight can turn out to be discouraging and demotivating if the work you put in isn’t reflected on the bathroom scales. Nevertheless, managing your weight will greatly improve your general health while greatly increasing your life quality; this is what is important. This is mostly applicable in cases where a person is clinically obese. Get in touch with The Pharmacy Bebington to learn more about our weight management programme in Bebington & Wirral and get started.

weight management programme Bebington & Wirral

Benefits of managing weight with our weight management programme in Bebington & Wirral

One can’t help but notice the many benefits that come with weight management. Keeping your weight in check and at healthy levels can go a long way in lowering your risk of serious health conditions. Some of these conditions include:

– Diabetes
– Cardiovascular disease
– Cancer
– Stroke

Having a healthy weight will also improve other areas of your life:

– Reduced symptoms of existing health complications like asthma
– Reduced joint strains
– Better sleep
– Improved self-esteem and positive outlook
– Improvement in health complications such as erectile dysfunction

Are you looking for help with weight management?

Due to the recent lockdown measures because of COVID-19 that restricted movements, you may find that your relationship with weight has changed. You don’t need to be ashamed of your body as you are not alone. At The Pharmacy Bebington, your general health and well-being are top of our priorities list. You may be toying with the idea of beginning a weight management programme but lack the motivation required to jump-start the whole idea. We are here to help if that is the case. We provide professional advice, accompanied by a variety of treatment options that will fuel your journey to a healthier life.


What’s the importance of managing my weight?

Cases of obesity have been on the rise in the UK in recent times. Statistics suggest that around 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 5 children of 10-11 years of age have been affected by obesity.

Obesity can affect your self-esteem and general health in a negative way. This can lead to serious health complications like type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

How can we help with our weight management programme in Bebington & Wirral?

If you are on the lookout for a source of motivation in your quest to manage weight, The Pharmacy Bebington has a pharmacy team that is well equipped to accompany you on your journey. This may include professional advice and a wide range of treatment options to blend with a healthy lifestyle. All these accompaniments are not meant to act as replacements for exercise and healthy lifestyle choices. They should insyead go hand in hand to facilitate the weight management process.


Weight Management Pen

A weight management pen can be described as a small portable device filled with the medication you’ll need. It enables you to administer it yourself at your convenience. The device requires a prescription. It’s user-friendly and can be used at any given time, in a region of the body that your doctor or pharmacist has recommended. These areas may be the stomach or abdomen region, upper arm, or thigh.

Learn more about our weight management pen in our previous blog post here:

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Dietary Plans

We also provide options like a total diet change plan that will go hand in hand with your personalised lifestyle choices. This will help you in the journey to a better and healthier you.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about how to incorporate our range of vitamins and other lifestyle management products into your daily routine.

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