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How to Recognise & Treat Men’s Health Conditions

men's health bebington wirral

How to Recognise & Treat Men’s Health Conditions

There is often stigma attached to Men’s Health, specifically in the case of conditions such as erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer. However, these conditions are nothing to be embarrassed about. If you are experiencing any concerning symptoms, or symptoms that are getting in the way of your daily life – you should not be afraid to seek help. We offer a range of Men’s Health Services in Bebington, Wirral, including PSA tests and treatment for ED. Moreover, we have created the following guide to help you understand your body and recognise potential symptoms, so that you can feel confident in seeking treatment when needed.


men's health bebington wirral


Erectile Dysfunction


What is erectile dysfunction?

ED is characterised by the inability to have, or sustain, an erection. Erection problems (impotence) are extremely common; according to the NHS, they are especially common in men over 40. Most men experience failing to have, or maintain, an erection every once in a while. Usually, it is nothing to be worried about; you should never feel embarrassed, or as though you are a ‘disappointment’ or a ‘failure’.


What causes erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by lifestyle elements such as:


– Anxiety

– Tiredness

– Stress

– Hormone issues

– Side effects of prescribed medication

– High cholesterol or blood pressure

– Excessive alcohol consumption

– The narrowing of blood vessels in your penis


If your ED only occurs some of the time, it is most-likely rooted in emotional causes, such as depression and anxiety. However, if you frequently experience ED, it is important to seek medical advice. This is because it could indicate an underlying health condition, such as diabetes.


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Prostate Cancer


What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men; over 40,000 men a year receive a diagnosis. Some men are at greater risk of prostate cancer; you can find further details on our service page.


What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

– Feeling like your bladder is not fully empty

– Rushing to the toilet

– Difficulty in starting to wee

– Straining or taking a long time to wee

– Weak urine flow

– Needing to urinate more frequently, often during the night


Our men’s health services in Bebington,Wirral


PSA Testing

It is important that prostate cancer is caught early, as this may lead to better treatment outcomes. That is why we offer PSA testing for men over the age of 50, to determine whether you have prostate cancer before symptoms begin to develop. PSA is a protein found within your prostate; it leaks out into the bloodstream following a problem with the prostate, such as cancer.

Our test consists of a simple finger-prick blood sample; our Pharmacist will then test the sample for PSA, referring you to your GP for further treatment, if needed.


More information on our testing can be found here.


Erectile Dysfunction Consultation & Treatment

If you are looking for advice on erectile dysfunction, we offer a confidential consultation to put your mind at ease. Our trained pharmacist will offer tailored lifestyle advice, as well as being able to write a prescription for any licensed ED medication. Following your consultation, we will also refer you to your GP if needed. You can also contact your local sexual health clinic for advice.


More information on our erectile dysfunction treatment can be found here.



You should never feel embarrassed or ashamed to seek help for any new or lingering changes to your health:

Contact or visit us for advice, testing and treatment today!


We are here for you, whenever you need us.