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Why Should You Use the 24-Hour Prescription Collection?


Why Should You Use the 24-Hour Prescription Collection?

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Patients’ needs and the pharmacy industry have gradually transformed in recent years. That is why we are always improving our services to better suit your hectic lifestyle in the modern world. We now provide 24-hour prescription collection, allowing you to acquire your meds at any time of day or night. Pharmaself24 is a smart and automated dispensing system that answers requests from both pharmacists and patients. Prescriptions are collected seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This not only saves you time, but it also saves you a lot of time queueing. Sign up with the Pharmacy Bebington to order your repeat prescription in Bebington.

What is 24 hour prescription collection?

The practice of writing prescriptions on paper may have satisfied the majority of individuals. The paper technique, however, is becoming increasingly inconvenient for patients, especially those who are too busy to go to the pharmacy and collect their medications within normal opening hours.

Electronic prescriptions, rather than the traditional paper prescription pad, give computer-based security. The doctor electronically signs the prescription and immediately transmits it to the pharmacy. Prescriptions can be filled at the pharmacy while the patient is on their way. This, in the end, saves a significant amount of time.

order repeat prescription in Bebington

How do I use your automated 24-hour prescription collection service?

You must first register with The Pharmacy Bebington to use our repeat prescription delivery service. We’ll need your patient data, including your GP’s name and the medications you use on a regular basis. You’ll also give us information about your bank account so that we can quickly collect payment for your prescriptions. This is only necessary if you pay for them and payment will be taken after they’ve been delivered. You can sign up for this service online in a matter of seconds.

Patients can pick up their drugs at pharmacies that have approved the electronic system’s automated collection points. The machine is outside the store in order to be easily accessible.

You can collect your medication at any time, even if the pharmacy is already closed.

You only need to follow five simple steps to use this service:

  1. Click the Register button to begin the registration process.
  2. Our team will send you an email reminder when your prescription is available.
  3. Your private PIN code will be sent to you through text message.
  4. Log in with your details and pick your medications using the Pharmaself24 touchscreen.

How does the service to order a repeat prescription in Bebington work?

In the second stage, after you sign up, our team will contact your GP office to collect your repeat prescription. Once we get your prescription and patient information, we can prepare to send you your medications when you need them. After that, you can pick up your medication when it is convenient for you.

If you need it, we can also provide delivery. We will deliver your prescription to any address in the United Kingdom, such as your workplace, home, caregiver’s home, or your neighbour’s house. Prior to delivery, you will receive a notification that your prescription has been processed. If you pay for your medications, we will take payment from your account once your medicine is dispatched. To avoid being caught off guard, we recommend getting a repeat prescription well ahead of when you need your meds.

order repeat prescription in Bebington


Can you order a repeat prescription in Bebington without going to the doctor?

Because prescribed medications require a doctor’s approval, a repeat prescription signifies that you can get this medication from the pharmacy without first seeing the doctor.

What are the advantages of prescription collection & delivery for patients?

You will save time and money as a patient by not having to get in touch with or visit your doctor whenever your prescription meds run out. At regular intervals, you can collect a batch of medication from the pharmacist. Prescriptions are also delivered to you at a time suitable for you.

Please notify us or your GP if your medication changes, you experience any side effects, or your sickness is not well controlled by your prescription.

You can contact The Pharmacy Bebington right now or sign up to start receiving your medicines today.

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This blog post was written on behalf of The Pharmacy Bebington by Pharmacy Mentor.