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Lipotrim Total Food Replacement and Maintenance

Lipotrim food replacement bebington

Lipotrim Total Food Replacement and Maintenance

Lipotrim Total Food Replacement and Maintenance

The Lipotrim total food replacement programme uses nutrient complete formula foods, which have been proven safe and effective for weight loss at the maximum safe rate. If you are looking to start Lipotrim food replacement in Bebington then look no further than The Pharmacy. 

Our brains react to food through many of the same neural pathways as addictive substances such as drugs and alcohol. We effectively behave as though we’re addicted to food. The strength of drive to get food, when it’s restricted, is one of the most powerful biological instincts we have.

It is well documented that the most effective means of management is avoidance of the substance of abuse. The basic concept that consuming fewer calories than we burn will result in weight loss is true.

A person who is severely overweight simply cannot except to lose the weight just by consuming a moderately reduced intake, any more than an alcoholic can be cured by reducing intake to a few social drinks a day. In order to treat obesity, a substantial calorie gap is required to achieve significant and rapid weight loss, but a complete compliment of nutrients is essential to maintain health.

Lipotrim is a nutrient complete, very low calorie food formula which meets all the necessary criteria for reliable and safe weight loss. Lipotrim is a total food replacement programme developed in the UK by qualified nutritionists and experts in weight management. The Lipotrim total food replacement programme is only offered by weight management trained healthcare professionals. It is not available online.

The Lipotrim Total Food Replacement Programme

As the healthcare experts on the high street, pharmacists are in an ideal position to offer the health monitoring, advice and motivation necessary. The programme is suitably medically controlled which allows for safe and healthy weight loss, even whilst treating existing medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

In summary

You stop eating all conventional foods and replace them with the nutritionally complete formula foods. By maximizing the calorie gap, whilst still maintaining nutritional health, the body draws on its reserves of sugar and excess fat to meet the body’s energy requirements. This happens regardless of the calories required by each individual.

Lipotrim is therefore an excellent diet choice whether you are highly active or sedentary. You are not living on a reduced amount of calories, just changing the source of calories. You will feel comfortable, healthy and ultimately in control. You should aim to consume a minimum of 2 to 4 litres of water, plus optional black tea and black coffee only.

If you are compliant on Lipotrim you can expect to lose approximately 1 stone per month (females) and 1.5 stone per month (males). We can also give you advice on the Lipotrim Maintenance Programme for suggestions on how to maintain your weight afterwards.

Contact us to find out more about beginning Lipotrim Food Replacement in Bebington.